NED Breaks

Virtual Triathlon

NedBreak designed by Ellen Thompson

SAY: “Who has completed a Triathlon? Well, let’s all complete one now! First we swim, then we bike, and finally we run. Everybody ready? Let’s go!”

Swim for 10 seconds – sitting in your chair and circling your arms as if swimming a forward crawl. After 10 seconds is up, announce that you are onshore.

SAY: “Nice swimming everybody. Let’s get on our bikes!”

Bike for 30 seconds – sitting in your chair holding imaginary handlebars and pedaling your feet. Make sure to call out 2-3 turns, climbing up hills and speeding down hills.

After 30 seconds announce that we are getting off the bike to start running.

SAY: “Great job climbing those hills! Let’s stand up and get ready to run!”

Run for 20 seconds – Running in place. Make sure to call out 2-3 turns.

After 20 seconds call out “Sprint to the Finish and Lean in to break the tape!”

Announce that we have completed our triathlon.

Congratulate everyone for a job well-done.