NED Breaks

Snowball Fight

NedBreak designed by Ellen Thompson

Each participants needs 1 piece of white paper and a writing utensil. Instruct participants to write something specific on their piece of paper quickly and legibly.

Suggestions are:

  • the most useful thing they learned in the lesson or class
  • a challenging vocabulary or spelling word
  • a tricky math problem
  • a favorite quote, fact, saying, or verse
  • proudest accomplishment during the day, week, semester, etc.
  • something they still need help with
  • a question they would like to ask the class or the teacher
  • Vocabulary words, spelling words, or math problems can become pop quizzes or reviews; as items are read aloud participants can write them down and record their answers.
  1. After they have written on their paper, instruct them to crumple the paper into a ball. The balls of paper are now snowballs.
  2. Now for the snowball fight!
  3. Everyone gently tosses their snowball across the room, picking up a snowball and tossing it across the room three more times.
  4. After the snowball fight is over, each participant picks up one snowball.
  5. Each participant opens up the crumpled paper. One at a time they read aloud to the class what is written on the paper. 6. Then popcorn the next person to read aloud.