NED Breaks

Finger Grab

  1. Have the group stand or sit in a circle.
  2. Have everyone place their left hand flat, palm up, and their right index finger pointing in the air.
  3. Next, have them place their right finger on the left hand of the person to their right.
  4. Explain that you are going to count to ‘3’ and when you say that word they have got to close their left hand and raise their right finger as fast as they can. The people who win the challenge are those who both catch the finger of the person to the left, but also escape the closing hand of the person to the right.
  5. Remind them again that their left hand needs to be flat so everyone has an equal chance.
  6. As leader, you may enjoy throwing in some trick rounds to up the tension and generally have a laugh as this gets students more involved with the game. Examples of this may be: “1, 2, Tree”, or “1, 2, 30”.